Building Beautiful Brands


MagDog is the world’s first magnetically activated leash, collar & harness system. Simply put, they magnify the connection between people and pets.

Brand Identity

We partnered alongside MagDog during the early stages of their product and brand development. We paired bold typography with a custom-illustrated icon to express the dynamic experience of their product.



We worked with the MagDog team to develop a suite of dynamic colors that gave life and energy to their products. We then took a range of active product studio shots to highlight the technical abilities of the system.



It’s a brand that enhances the connection of people and pets - so of course we jumped at the opportunity to create dog oriented content. We adventured in and out of the city to equip MagDog with captivating and relatable moments.



Magdog needed a video for their kickstarter launch that told a cohesive story and beautifully showcased their products’ innovation and ease of use for the city and mountain pup. We planned a two day shoot and set them up for a successful launch that put them above and beyond their fundraising goal.